Art & Ecology Intertwined

Ecology is about connections – the connections among species, between species and their homes, and between humans and our world. My art explores these connections.

I am both an ecologist and an artist, and I cannot separate the two – they are intertwined. I work as a vegetation ecologist in the summer, searching for rare plants and exploring wild places. I spend the winter making art – the ideas and images for my art emerge from the time I spend in the backcountry, and the research I do in the library.

I make images of plants and animals (using watercolour, natural dyes on silks, and printmaking) and construct them into three-dimensional pieces that convey concepts such as dynamic balance, food webs, or keystone species. The result is a cross-media collection of mobiles, silk paintings, transparent hangings, flexagons, and book arts.

--Dana Bush, Calgary, Canada